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Financing your property in Mallorca or on the Spanish mainland has never been as favourable as today. An interest rate of currently 4,25% and the possibility of unscheduled repayment of loan without prepayment penalty turn property investments in Spain into an interesting and exceptional alternative considering the current developments on the stock markets.

Financing your property in Spain needs accurate preparation. It will be our pleasure to assist you in finding the best partner for it.

Overview Conditions: per Mai 2011

Examplary conditions for variable mortgage loans
(Property financing for buying)
Interest rate 1st year 4,25 %
yearly interest rate adjustment from Euribor + 1,25 (without rounding up)
unscheduled repayment of loan 0% - possible at any time without notarial act
Duration Maximum of 35 years (for residents in Spain)
Maximum of 20 years (non residents in Spain)
Financing value Up to 80% (for residents in Spain)
Up to 70% (for non-residents in Spain)

EURIBOR is the abbreviation for European Interbank Offered Rate. It represents the interest rate for time depostits in Euro, which are traded between banks. The EURIBOR has replaced the FIBOR (Frankfurt Interbank Offered Rate) as a reference interest rate for loans and investment products. The EURIBOR is published daily in the business sections of the newspapers.